It is finished! (…and it has begun)

“It is finished!” Powerful. Beautiful.

When I ponder the words I’m moved and stirred every time deep inside my spiritual core. It is Gods love manifest. Jesus’ ultimate triumph and final proof of His plan. One can also say, “It has begun!” Because the world changed forever and we are a still engaging in Christ’s plan.

Feel blessed this Easter Sunday for receiving the greatest gift of all.

#HeIsRisen #Resurrection #Christian #GodIsGreat

Published by Pastor Robert Perez

Pastor Perez is an Ordained Minister and professional artist. His missionary work is to bridge the gap between dis-belief and true belief in a world obsessed more with self-gratification then with self-awareness and spiritual growth. Christ offers the way, but requires deep understanding of the nature of our spiritual selves in God's infinite universe. Philosophical inquiry and practice are keys to it's success. Here you'll find writings meant to inspire true understanding that will lead to genuine belief, and eventual unquestioned knowledge of God, by what Jesus called The Way.

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